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From Hollywood to Tehran: Sustaining Press in a Busy News Cycle

Sustaining Press: The False Dichotomy of Hollywood vs. Iran

There has been some concern that Michael Jackson’s death has pushed Iran out of the media and social media spotlight.


I come at this from an entirely angle: What if Iranians blogged about Michael Jackson? Do you know how Michael Jackson was and is perceived in Iran? I don’t. In fact, I’m unaware of how the King of Pop was perceived anywhere in the Middle East. All I know, and all i suspect other Americans know on the subject, is that Jackson was a sometimes visitor to Bahrain.   


I’m sure Americans and other Westerners would be interested to know how issues Jackson raised pertaining to free expression, race, gender, sexuality and/or pop music are discussed in Iran. Instead of letting news stories on Jackson detract from Iranians’ efforts for press coverage, Iranians can actually utilize Jackson’s legacy in a positive way to GAIN media attention for the rights of Iranians.


 Sure, some exposure will inevitably be drawn away from the Iranian election, but the reformers’ battle in Iran will undoubtedly be a long one with many newsworthy distractions along the way. Iranians now have the opportunity and obligation to make their cause known through a variety of touchpoints, and to reestablish and continually reinforce the relevance of their fight. This is the longview, but in reality, the only option.


Bloggers du Soleil

Event blogging certainly has its pros and cons. In the case of liveblogging, it can even detract from an event that you’re actually witnessing, whether as a blogger yourself or as a viewer watching an event while somehow reading a blog at the same time. But I must admit being intrigued by the idea of bloggers at Cirque du Soleil.


The acclaimed theatrical circus has invited bloggers to attend shows, including the current hit, “Zumanity.” Cirque’s social media manager, Jessica Berlin, says, “The ROI for our social media outreach has been better than for any other form of advertising for us.”


The appeal of blogging or liveblogging an event such as Cirque du Soleil:

  • The event is visual.
  • Since the performances are unique, the blogging can be unique.
  • Many of us would love to attend the latest Cirque Show and would be intrigued to see what it’s like before it comes to town.

Cirque du Soleil is NOT:

  • Just a speech
  • A common event that people can read about anywhere
  • Boring
  • Easy to describe

These are a few ideas to keep in mind when considering whether or not to blog or liveblog an event for your small business.


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